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I Used To Believe.

I used to believe fragility meant weakness and being brave meant being fearless. I used to believe if I kept my outer shell from shattering, I wouldn't fall into a thousand pieces. I used to believe others' perception of me was more important than my perception of myself. I used to believe if I had a… Continue reading I Used To Believe.

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Bravely Breaking Open.

One of the biggest lessons I've learned is that allowing myself to be vulnerable is one of life's greatest freedoms. In fact, I believe it's the first step to being healed and becoming my best self. I didn't really know how to be vulnerable to others in the areas I felt most fragile because I… Continue reading Bravely Breaking Open.

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My birthday is coming up so I've been doing a lot of reflecting on what I've learned and improved in since being 21. I've come to realize three major things: Nothing in life is ordinary Seemingly useless moments--like waiting for my computer to turn on really slowly--are great invitations for spiritual growth (ahem, patience) Self-improvement is often… Continue reading 22.

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When Perfectionism Blinds You.

"Good enough" is a triggering word for me. I never wanted to be seen as someone who didn't know her worth. But the truth is, I didn't. In my eyes the words "good enough" meant, "just barely." And I wasn't even just barely.  Somewhere along the path of life, I realized my desire to be perfect stemmed… Continue reading When Perfectionism Blinds You.

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Hidden Heart.

Last year at this time I was in a very different place. I had just finished my album Serenity. The garbage that surfaced during the process of writing it was still clinging to my bones. Stuck. I was exposed. I was afraid. I was uncertain. I wanted to explore the attic of my heart, which for so long had… Continue reading Hidden Heart.

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Crossing The Bridge To Healing.

I took a Positive Psychology class a few years back. It’s not quite as hokey as it sounds, but also not as profound as I wanted it to be. I'll save you from taking it and let you in on the main lesson: studies show that cultivating a gratitude practice increases happiness. Mind blowing, I know.… Continue reading Crossing The Bridge To Healing.